Questionnaire of NU SKIN's 2016 CSR Report

Forceful responsibility, force for good, NU SKIN is willing to discover the best us!  We are preparing our 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR Report) and a third party is engaged to develop this survey to help us hear your expectations toward NU SKIN's relevant strategies and disclosures on CSR. Your suggestions are invaluable to us.


This questionnaire consists of 3 sections and it will take you about 5 minutes.  Your answers are of great value to us.

Section I: Background Information of Respondents

Section II: Perceived Level of Importance on Different CSR Topics

Section III: Other Comments

The questionnaire does not require any professional knowledge, and thus you are free to choose your desirable answers.  Your authentic opinions would be of great importance to our future improvement.


Thank you for your participation and support!

Section I: Background Information of Respondents
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Section II: : Perceived Level of Importance on Different CSR Topics

Please assess your perceived level of importance/relevance of the following issues, and indicate whether you believe they should be managed, discussed and disclosed.

The specifications are as follows:

Please select ‘Unknown’ if you fail to understand the question

Economic Topics
1. Continuous improvement in economic/financial performance
2. Direct contribution to local economy (e.g. hiring local employees)
3. Indirect contribution to local economy(e.g. promoting development of poverty-stricken areas, raising low-income earners’ living standard)
4. Increase in the proportion of local suppliers
Environmental Topics
1. Decrease in using packaging materials
2. Increase the percentage of recycling useless products and their packaging materials
3. Decrease energy consumption during production and operation (e.g. electricity, refrigeration and heating)
4. Decrease our transportation (e.g. products shipping, employees traveling) to reduce emission
5. Decrease the water consumption during production
6. Decrease the air and greenhouse gas emissions
7. Proper treatment and reduction of sewage and waste during production
8. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations regarding environmental issues
9. Consideration of suppliers' environmental protection standards before selecting suppliers
Social Topics – Products and Services
1. Concerns of quality control during production
2. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys regularly
3. Procedures on product recalls and recall numbers
4. Product innovation
5. Proper marketing and promotion
6. Fierce fight against counterfeit goods
7. Protection of clients' privacy (especially sensitive data)
8. Provision of products and services in compliance with relevant laws
Social Topics – Employment and Labor Practices
1. Reasonable benefits provided to employees (e.g. medical insurance, parental leave, etc.)
2. Stable and reasonable proportion of new employee hires and employee turnover
3. Effective statistics and controls on working injury and occupational diseases
4. Training and career development opportunities provided to employees
5. Attention paid to business partner’s career development and growth
6. Diversified backgrounds of employees and equal opportunities and treatment (e.g. geographical area, age, race, etc. )
7. Prohibition of inequalities caused by sexual discrimination
8. Consideration of suppliers' labor standards when selecting suppliers
9. Established and completed grievance mechanism related to labor practices
Social Topics – Human Rights
1. Resources invested to improve human rights
2. Non-discrimination (e.g. Race, Gender, Religion, etc.)
3. Protect employees’ freedom of association and collective bargaining
4. Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
5. Effective evaluation of human rights management and openness toward inspections
6. Established and completed grievance mechanism related to human rights
Social Topics – Community
1. Communicate with surrounding local communities
2. Contribution in charity
3. Anti-corruption and transparency policy (government related supervision institutes/bidding procurement)
4. Compliance with laws and regulations(exclusive of laws and regulations concerning environment and product)
Section III: Other Comments
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If you have further comments, suggestions or expectations towards NU SKIN's CSR initiatives, please further specify them in the space below: